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July 12, 2007
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Oil Tanks Must be Tagged by September

Environment, Energy & Forestry

Islanders are reminded that they are running out of time to have their oil tank tagged. All tanks must be inspected and tagged by September 1. After that date, oil cannot be delivered to a tank that does not have an Oil Tank ID Tag.

Minister of Environment, Energy and Forestry, George Webster says close to 40,000 oil tanks have been tagged to date. The ID tag indicates that the tank has been inspected and meets provincial installation standards. It is stamped with the date that the oil tank must be replaced. An estimated 8,000 tanks are left to be tagged.

“With 287 licensed inspectors, all the tanks can be tagged by the September 1 deadline. However, it’s important that Islanders not wait any longer to get this done,” said Minister Webster.

The provincial regulations governing oil tanks were introduced in 2001 and have been phased in over the past six years. They are designed to help eliminate the most common preventable causes of oil spills – tanks that are not properly installed and older tanks rusting out. Minister Webster said the regulations are working. The number of oil spills caused by a failure in the oil tank system has dropped from 217 in 2001 to a record low of 88 last year.

“The regulations are helping Islanders protect their properties and they are protecting our environment. Oil spills can cost thousands of dollars to clean up and they are one of the most common causes of drinking water contamination.”

The provincial regulations apply to oil tanks of 2,200 litres or less. That includes tanks in homes and many small businesses.

For a list of licensed tank inspectors in your area, visit the website at or call the Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry at (902) 368-5042.

Media Contact: Sandra Lambe
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